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10 Palermo brown ceramics you should know

10 Palermo brown ceramics you should know

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Have you ever considered using brown ceramics in your home decor? You may shout, "Not at all." But you should know that no color is ugly. Rather, our use is of the color that makes it ugly or beautiful. Many people do not like this color, but we are here to introduce you to the wonders of dark ceramics, especially brown. Now get acquainted with Palermo ceramic products in this color range.


Palermo brown ceramics in 2021

Brown ceramics Palermo has a great variety compared to global brands and has not limited itself to the model of ceramic parquet design or wood ceramic design. Before defining the types of this color of ceramics, you should know that in the dark types of ceramics, not only the color but also the dimensions play a big role. The dimensions of dark ceramic slabs have a different identity than the smaller dimensions, and this is a very important indicator for separating ceramic instruments from each other. Now let's go to the types of Palermo brown ceramics:


10. Cappuccino or cappuccino ceramic


Examples of indoor cappuccino

From the Cappuccino series the widest combinations among the designs Brown ceramics Palermo has. That's why we put it at number 10 on the list. If we want to look general, this ceramic color is for open spaces, boutiques and cafes, but the various color spectrums of cappuccino ceramics have allowed us to perform it in various spaces and enjoy its existence. Simple, minimalist designs with a variety of motifs are all from the Cappuccino category.

Espresso cappuccino is similar to small and large brown cappuccino seeds lying on the ground, and beige cappuccino is similar to natural stones, which, despite the natural shine and design of the stone, can be easily removed from any stains and dirt.

  • Cappuccino Beige
  • Cappuccino Espresso
  • Cappuccino Caramel
  • Cappuccino Chocolate

Dimensions and material of cappuccino: It is produced in various dimensions and matte, glossy and semi-matte grades.


9. Maroon Stone Ceramics


Maroon Stone Ceramic Stone Design

Maroon Stone is inspired by a rock design and, unlike the Amazon or Marblewood series, is reminiscent of rock cliffs. This product is produced in one color and its high variety is in matte and glossy material. From this point of view, it can be used in different parts of the building, from floor to wall covering.

  • Maroon Stone Matte Brown
  • Maroon Stone Shiny Brown

Dimensions and material of Maroon Stone: It is produced in dimensions of 100 * 100 and 120 * 80 with a thickness of 13 mm in two matte and glossy materials.


8. Marfil matt


Compatibility with warm spaces is a special feature of ceramic marfil

The marfil is inspired by the stone design and, like Maroon Stone, supports a range of colors in two sizes. What sets the marfil apart from other types of brown is its luminosity. Marfil with the background and type of design of white streaks in light brown and gold has a very high light in the interiors, and this issue has made it important for interior designers. Many restaurant spaces find light brown spaces suitable for creating a sense of security for their audience (unlike fast foods and red space). Many of these spaces with soft lighting try to provide indirect light to the viewer and in this regard require a material with good lighting.

  • Beige Marfil
  • Cream Marfil
  • Golden marfil
  • Light brown marfil

Dimensions and material of cloves: It is produced in 120 * 120 and 120 * 260 dimensions and in matte material.


7.Touch Cinnamon


Cinnamon touch is one of the most attractive brown ceramics in Palermo

As the name implies, it is supposed to heat your house a lot. Cinnamon Touch is basically made to evoke the atmosphere and good smell of cinnamon. Of course, with its minimalist nature and white streaks, it can be well placed in office spaces as well. In fact, it makes small spaces pleasant and tolerable and becomes a shelter for halls that become unbearable with white ceramics. This ceramic with brown and light brown streaks is very popular, but it is special and has its own taste.

Dimensions and material of Touch Cinnamon: It is produced in dimensions of 120 * 120 and 120 * 240 with a thickness of 9 mm and in matte material.


6. Pier Corten


Piercourton is as simple and beautiful as you can see

The sixth Brown ceramics Our list is Piercourton. If you are one of those people who are interested in Expressionist art and sculptures made of metals in this art style, or you use this collection of objects in interior design, be sure to see Piercourton up close. Pircorten ceramic resembles a piece of strain iron that has been oxidized when exposed to oxygen in the air, creating a rust-like design.

This style of product was very popular in the United States in the 90's, especially in New York. After that, Palermo launched this product with the idea of the same category of products and in the theme of brown ceramics, which was met with a great response. To the extent that this ceramic is produced in different sizes and colors.

  • Pierre Curton Brown
  • Matte and semi-matte light brown piccorten

Dimensions and material of Pier Corten: In the dimensions of 120 * 120 | 120 * 240 | 150 * 150 and 150 * 300 with a thickness of 9 mm and produced in matte and semi-matte materials.


5. book match Giga gold


The dream combination of Gigagold and Piercourton, which was the composition of 2020

Giga Gold Brown ceramics Palermost, which is produced in the form of bookmatch. This product, as it is clear from its structure, is very suitable for special commercial spaces or hallways and completely changes the space of the environment. This product is classified in the category of luxury and hot ceramics and you can see its example in many hotels around the world. This product is produced in the following 3 models and can create a memorable frame in your living space.

  • Beige Giga Gold Wristband with Beige Colors
  • Giga Gold Gold White Book Match
  • Book Giga Gold Cream

Dimensions and material of Giga gold book: It is produced in dimensions of 120 x 240 with a thickness of 9 mm and in glossy material.


4. Caravaggio


ترکیب رویایی طلایی و قهوه‌ای تیره که مفهوم جدیدی به سرامیک قهوه ای داد
The dreamy combination of gold and dark brown that gave a new meaning to brown ceramics

the fourth Brown ceramics Palermo is on our list of Caravaggio ceramics. The idea of a luxury brown ceramic is probably the same as the Caravaggio ceramic image, and Palermo became very famous with the same series. A color combination of streaks of gold, black, brown and matte cream from the Bookmatch and Colorbadi series (the same color as the ceramic core with its surface) that creates a strange atmosphere for the viewer.

Caravaggio ceramics are a great option for countertops, tables and even the wall behind the TV. But we have to tell you that wherever there is a house or office or restaurant or., It catches everyone's eye. It is a special choice for certain places. Caravaggio is inspired by Renaissance architectural and sculptural styles and is therefore designed for luxury spaces.

Dimensions and material of Caravaggio: It is produced in dimensions of 150 x 300 with a thickness of 12 mm and in matte material.


3. Marble Wood


Marvelwood is the first example of Palermo wood ceramics

If you like the texture of carved wood, you will love Marblewood! Just look at the product to understand the meaning of this sentence. Nature calms us and there is no one to doubt it. Marblewood brown ceramics basically seek to evoke and recreate natural space the size of floor ceramics.

Similar to the trunks of a tree that is many years old, but unlike real wood to produce this flooring, neither the tree has been cut down nor nature has been harmed. Therefore, it can be considered an excellent environmental product in every way.

  • Marblewood light brown
  • Marblewood Dark brown

Dimensions and material of marble wood: Produced in dimensions of 120 x 80 with a thickness of 12 mm with streaked wood design.


2. Melch parquet design ceramic


Mulch parquet is one of the ceramics of Palermo parquet design

It is similar to the ceramic design of the Amazon parquet, but the veins are designed with much more elegance. As much as you can see the thin textures in it. By doing so, the Palermo designers sought to balance dark and light brown with fancy streaks. The result was very brilliant and attracted the attention of the architects of villas and luxury homes. Mulch parquet design may be exactly what you expect from parquet design because it is inspired by the old examples of parquet in the world, which is familiar to those born in the 70's, 80's and 90's.

It is also important to note that this product is very attractive to children with its attractive textures.

  • Beige mulch parquet design
  • Brown mulch parquet design
  • Cream mulch parquet design

Dimensions and material of Melch parquet design: It is produced in dimensions of 120 x 20 with a thickness of 12 mm and in matte material.


1. Amazon Parquet Design Ceramic


Close up of Amazon wood design ceramics

Amazon Palermo parquet design ceramic is one of the most attractive Palermo products. The warm and cozy atmosphere of the house with an environmentally friendly feeling is the first thing you get from the presence of this ceramic in the space of your home and workplace. This ceramic has many fans because parquet has many fans. But why choose this product instead of parquet? Well, we will talk about this in another article, but let's just say that Amazon parquet design ceramics with the same design and appearance and color of parquet gives you a unique quality and durability.

Removes many disadvantages of parquet and adds new features to the product that will surprise you.

This ceramic is marketed in the following 3 types:

  • Amazon Beige Parquet Design Ceramic
  • Brown parquet design ceramic
  • Light brown and cream parquet design ceramics

Dimensions and material of Amazon parquet design ceramics: It is produced in dimensions of 120 x 20 with a thickness of 12 mm and in matte material.


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