Top 8 Palermo Ceramic Designs You Should Know

Top 8 Palermo Ceramic Designs You Should Know

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The best designs of a brand can always make the decision easier for the audience and the consumer, because choosing from more than 100 different product models in terms of size and glaze is very time consuming and difficult. On the other hand, these are probably the best designs that are used in luxury and first-class projects and figure out the best ones. In this article, we want to introduce you to the top 8 Palermo ceramic designs in different sizes. Designs that every modern architect should know. With Be with us.



فیس بندی طرح ولاکاس سرامیک پالرمو
Facing the design of Velacas Ceramic Palermo

As you know, Calcutta design ceramics have been and will be popular from modern to classical architectural styles. Valacas is one of the oldest ceramic designs in Calcutta Palermo, which has remained popular to this day. This design with soft gray smoky streaks brings calm to the environment. This design is used in different architectural styles, but minimalist designs use Valacas the most.

کلکته سفید

Sizes used:

Due to the popularity of Valacas, this product is produced in sizes of 40 by 40 matte anti-acid, 60 by 60 polishes, 80 by 80 polishes and an exclusive size of 80 by 120 polishes.


2. Maroon Stone

مارون یکی از طرح برتر سرامیک پالرمو
Maroon is one of the top ceramic designs in Palermo

It is very difficult to see a design and you can not be sure that it is between stone and ceramic, Maroon is one of these designs that is like Maroon marble. Palermo brand produced Maroon designs from the beginning of producing size 120 in 80 and Maroon is still considered as one of the best designs of this brand. One of the unique features of Maroon is its multi-layered color background. As you can see in the picture, Maroon is a very beautiful stone texture with a multicolored brown spectrum.

maron full re
Palermo Maroon Ceramic Design Facing

Sizes used:

In 1399, Maroon was added to the Palermo product group in a size of 100 by 100 in matte glaze.


3. Calcutta Gold

طرح متمایز سرامیک پالرمو کلکته گلد
Distinctive design of Palermo Calcutta Gold ceramics

Calcutta Gold can be considered one of the best-selling designs in size 120 by 80. A design that we encounter after each production and in the blink of an eye. The white background and its combination with golden streaks that shine like stone will definitely draw you to it. Undoubtedly, Calcutta Gold is one of the top 8 Palermo ceramic designs.

Sizes used:

One of the reasons for the popularity of the Calcutta Gold Palermo design is its luxury in various sizes, including 240 by 120 and even 300 by 150.


4. Ocean series

طرح اوشن سرامیک پالرمو

The sea waves mix so much calm with excitement that you do not know if the blue nature of the sea has disappeared or the sound of the waves. Palermo Ocean Ceramic Series is available in two colors, white and blue, like a combination of sea and land. So much so that performing it in small spaces can also show this beautiful feeling.

This design has a great variety and has 8 faces.

ocean white full
ocean white full

The last product introduced in 2020 in the Palermo Group was the Ocean series. As you can see in the executed examples, the special color of azure blue, along with the golden streaks of the blue model and the earthy streaks in the golden gray background of the white model, evokes the combination of dryness and water in the mind of the audience.

ocean blue full
ocean blue full

5. Concrete concept series

Another top 8 designs of Palermo concrete ceramics! Yes, exactly the same concept as the concrete. 2 words are heard briefly at this time, but this time they are seen side by side in Palermo ceramics. Your choice is in 3 colors;

light gray beton full
light gray beton full

Light gray: color like the real feeling of concrete in front of the sun

grey full
grey full

Gray: The true color of concrete, which from time to time combines with the brown color of wood, which is taken from another branch of nature, creates a calming contrast.

concept dark grey
concept dark grey

Anthracite: In the dark of night. The color of anthracite in the concrete concept series is very exciting, because the purity of the dark color in the ceramic is much easier and simpler than the concrete itself.


6. Bamboo

طرح بامبو سرامیک پالرمو
Palermo ceramic bamboo design
فیس بندی طرح بامبو
Facing the bamboo design

This name is definitely familiar to you in stone, the design of bamboo stone is the clash of golden white streaks in the dark darkness of night. Performing it along with the designs of Calcutta Gold, Petra Cream Gold, Crystal Beige and even Golden Marble can be one of the most popular designs.


7. Onis

blue onis full
blue onis full
beige onis full
beige onis full

The Palermo onyx blue and beige ceramic series entered the market, reminiscent of the marble onyx stone design, because its onion skin texture is extremely high in quality printing, and its distinction along with similar onyx-like stones is striking, and it is one of the top 8 Palermo ceramic designs. . The interesting thing about this design is its blue color, because this style of paint is very low in marble backgrounds and its electricity in polished glaze is very impressive.

8. Calcutta White

calacatte white-full
Calcutta White is one of the top 8 ceramic designs in Palermo

The latest Palermo product and exclusive catalog of 2021 in here ببینید.

محمد مهدی حاجعلی
You can easily experience the feeling of a good and hearty purchase in the turbulent ceramic tile market in Palermo Ceramics. I, Mohammad Mehdi Hajali, as the sales manager of Palermo ceramic exhibitions, will promise you that along with the best in the construction industry in the young Palermo team, we will figure out the best for you.
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